Name: Brian Evans
Age: 48
Current occupation: Author/Singer/Producer
Political experience: Former candidate for U.S. Senate

What should the government’s role be in providing access to health care? What should or should not be covered in a basic policy?

We should cover every American, including dental.

Deadly mass shootings have fueled arguments for increased gun control. Do you agree? What should or should not be changed about America’s current gun laws?

Changes need to be made to HIPAA so that we aren’t protecting the privacy of future killers more than we do future victims. The problem isn’t with legal gun owners, it’s with crazy people.

In light of recent nuclear threat concerns, should the United States play a more or less prominent role in international relations? What actions should be taken?

I think we have a president that is talking, something other presidents refused to do. If leaders of some of these unstable countries are talking, they aren’t killing. President Trump is doing the right thing in engaging conversations with world leaders rather than the use of military force.

A White House proposal aims to slash the Department of Interior’s budget by $1.6 billion, and shift funds from new land acquisition to the development of oil, gas, and coal. What elements of this plan would you keep, what would you change, and why?

I would also seek funds be aimed at better mental health care in America and higher teacher pay. Something also needs to be done about The Jones Act, which is hurting Hawaii, and most definitely recently did the people of Puerto Rico.

If you could introduce one piece of legislation, what would it be and why?

We have a serious crisis going on in America, and it’s on no politicians radar. In fact, not one is speaking about it. More than 250,000 Americans die a year due to medical errors, and yet hospital lobbyists having been fighting the CDC so that medical errors are not listed on the CDC annual top causes of death list. We need better qualified doctors and nurses. Recently a surgeon showed up drunk prior to a surgery and was arrested. We don’t have professionals using common sense. For instance, Sleep Apnea patients must always be monitored after any surgery. We must also not allow hospital rating organizations to rate hospitals they’ve never walked into because they did nothing more than write a check. This gives patients the false sense of security that the hospital is safer than it is. Organizations like LeapFrog Group, who rates hospitals they never walk into, need to be regulated as well. Then hospitals use that rating in their advertising when they have never walked into the hospital. Hospital medical errors are killing more than gunshot victims and car accidents combined, every year, and you hear not a peep from those profiting by keeping quiet about it. The Republican Party has taken a hit in recent years as intolerant. As a gay male myself who believes in a woman’s right to choose, the party is not as intolerant as you might think or I wouldn’t be the nominee.