Name: Anthony Tony Austin 
Age: 63
Current occupation: Chief Executive Officer, YNot Austin Inc.
Political experience: District Council Representative for District 48, Precinct 3 for the Democratic Party of Hawaii; Executive Committee Member for the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii; Affirmative Action Committee Co-Chair of Oahu County Democratic Party of Hawaii; Steering Committee of the Veterans Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii

What should the government’s role be in providing access to health care? What should or not be covered in a basic policy?

As Americans, I think the government should take a proactive role in providing access to health care to all residents regardless of their ability to pay. I also think that Essential health services (including for HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, non-communicable diseases and mental health, sexual and reproductive health and child health) should be available to all who need them.

Deadly mass shootings have fueled arguments for increased gun control. Do you agree? What should or should not be changed about America’s current gun laws?

Well, as an American I do support the Second Amendment, I do however think that a stronger set of laws or policies that regulate the sale of certain firearms is needed.

In light of recent nuclear threat concerns, should the United States play a more or less prominent role in international relations? What actions should be taken?

I have in recent years, struggled with this question. As a Superpower with tremendous influence on the world stage, I say yes to international relations; however, international relations in nuclear threat concerns, I say no.

A White House proposal aims to slash the Department of Interior’s budget by $1.6 billion, and shift funds from new land acquisition to the development of oil, gas, and coal. What elements of this plan would you keep, what would you change, and why?

As an Environmentalist, I would not shift funds to the development of oil, gas and coal, that I would change. What I would keep is the focus on investing in and maintaining existing federal lands.

If you could introduce one piece of legislation, what would it be and why?

Legislation that aims at protecting Military Veterans, first responders and anyone else suffering from PTSD to extend benefits with an educational component.