Police officer describes ghostly encounter at Pali Lookout


As Halloween approaches, the Honolulu Police Department has a spooky story of its own.

Cpl. Teisa Eteuati tells a story her partner told her of a ghostly encounter at the Pali Lookout.

The story was put together by HPD, and we have permission to share an abbreviated version with you.

“One of the things we have to do in District 5 is make checks of the Pali Lookout and Pali Highway. Also at nighttime, we have to go up there and lock both gates.

So at that time, my beat partner was a blue-and-white driver. She was still a rookie. She said she was assigned to close the Pali gates that night, and most officers, they don’t like to go and they don’t like to close the gates, because it’s so dark up there at the Pali Lookout.

She said she pulled up to the first gate. She locked that one. She got back to her car and she drove toward into the Pali Lookout, but as she drove in, she saw something white. She remembered stories where officers would get into accidents because they drove past this white figure, so she drove closer and as she got closer, it appeared to be a lady wearing a white dress.

She was like, ‘Aw, I better stop and ask to see if she’s okay.’ So when she pulled up and she started rolling down her window, but as she looked out to start asking the lady why she was there, she felt this eerie feeling in the blue-and-white, and that’s when she looked in the rearview mirror, and that’s when she realized the lady was sitting in the back seat of the blue-and-white.

I remember her telling me her grandmother always told her if you do encounter any kind of spirit, you need to stay calm and you need to talk to the spirit, so as she’s driving, the lady’s in the back seat and she kept talking to the lady. ‘What are you doing out here, aunty?’

So to stay calm, she kept talking to the lady, and when she got to the second gate, she got out, quickly closed that gate, and she knew that spirit was still in the back seat, so she got back in, continued to talk to the person. ‘Oh you know, I don’t have anything to offer you right now. I’m just doing my job. I have to lock the gates. I have to drive around, and I do have to drive through the tunnel, but I cannot take you to Kailua, Kaneohe, because that’s out of my district, but I want you to be safe.’ And the whole time, the lady sat there, said nothing, and was looking down.

So as she was driving down the tunnel, she just felt this overwhelming peace, and then she looked up in the rearview mirror. She realized the lady was gone.”

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