Police Chief Ballard speaks at Anti-Bullying event


In an effort to stop the vicious cycle of bullying, a community group is leading the way to educate students about how to stop it in their own schools.

“Adult Friends for Youth” held a 2-day anti-bullying event at the Bblaisdell for hundreds of middle school students.

Various speakers talked about others.

Skits also demonstrated how bullying can hurt others.

Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said it starts with respect.

“We need as a community, we need to start respecting each other and the empathy, walk in each others shoes. we’re all different. that’s what makes this island, this hawaii the greatest place in the world because we are all different,” said Chief Ballard.

Chief Ballard also addressed the recent threats against schools, saying any threat, whether it’s a joke or not, is taken seriously and could lead to an arrest. 

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