Plea agreement offer on the table for Katherine Kealoha


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Katherine Kealoha, the former deputy prosecutor found guilty of conspiracy, has been offered a plea deal for all three of her cases.

The first trial involving the mailbox theft is done pending sentencing. But Katherine Kealoha still faces two more possible trials that deal with bank fraud and drugs charges that also involve her brother.

One of Kealoha’s attorneys Earle Partington tells us under the current offer, it discusses Kealoha’s sentencing.

“It’s going to be at least 10 years although the government has suggested that trust us we might do something for her,” said Partington. “I think they want her to plead one count on each of those and agree not to appeal any of her cases.”

The offer is still in the beginning stages. Law expert Doug Chin tells us this kind of deal isn’t surprising and it has its advantages.

“It saves the government the cost to try Ms. Kealoha over and over again on different cases which may or may not result in more time in prison,” explained Chin, “the benefit for Ms. Kealoha is less legal fees that she has to spend or maybe even less taxpayer legal fees that should would have to ask for.”

In exchange for the deal, Partington believes the government may want more information from his client.

“There’s been some suggestion they are looking for someone higher but who that might be I don’t know at this time,” said Partington. “The government is not offering enough. If she really has the information they want, they are going to have to offer something significant.”

“As we all know, she chose to remain silent through her trial. So anything she would have to say that has to do with other people that have been involved in this entire story, she would have some very valuable insight,” said Chin.

Partington says a motion has been filed to see if Katherine Kealoha, her husband Louis, and their attorneys can meet in person to discuss the matter. Katherine Kealoha’s sentencing for the first trial is scheduled for October 15th.

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