Peyton Manning congratulates Molokai High School football program


A big honor for Molokai High School’s football program.

Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and sporting goods company Riddell are praising the school for winning the ’18 in 18′ Smarter Football program.

Riddell’s annual program received nearly 1,400 applications this year and is donating equipment to Molokai High School and 17 other winning programs across the country, spanning youth to college, that have demonstrated their commitment to a smarter, safer game.   

Molokai High School coaches teach “hawk tackling,” which encourages players to initiate contact with their shoulders instead of using their heads. Off the field, the team spends time analyzing film to breakdown and improve players’ techniques.

“This was a huge plus for us.  It allows us to buy top of the line equipment. Get our kids suited up in some of the best football equipment on the market,” Coach Mike Kahale said.  “We’re just really appreciative of Riddell and this opportunity and it was so cool to get that email that I got earlier this morning that gave a specific shoutout from Peyton Manning for him to mention Molokai High School football was kind of surreal at first.  It was really cool.”

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