Pennsylvania students brawl with police outside high school


(WFMZ/CNN) — Students at a high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania were back in class Friday after a brawl outside the school Thursday.

Several police officers were injured trying to break up the fighting students — and much of it was caught on video.

Five students have been arrested and more arrests may be on the way.

Cell phone video shows things quickly got out of control. A female officer can be seen on the ground and a girl wearing a school uniform is seen punching her.

A crowd of students then surround the two and police say some of them joined in on the assault.

Ninth grader Shyhem Dow, who said he would never hit police, however did say that “if a cop put a hand on you in the wrong way, or touch you in the wrong way, then I think you got the right to hit ’em.”

A potentially dangerous line of thinking that police say will get you arrested and prosecuted.

“Four of our officers were injured yesterday,” said Allentown police chief Keith Morris, “and we are going to continue to investigate this until everybody that was involved has been identified.”

In a statement, Allentown school district officials said the attack on the officers will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

The mother of the girl believed to be shown in the video punching the officer took to Facebook and defended her daughter.

The officers injuries range from minor to moderate. Two have been released from the hospital.

As for those charged — those charges range from aggravated assault — a felony — riot, and disorderly conduct.

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