Pearl Harbor survivors relate memories of fateful day of attack


The 75th Pearl Harbor Commemoration will take place Wednesday, Dec. 7, but people at the visitor center on Tuesday got an early chance to listen and talk to some of the survivors of that fateful day before the festivities begin.

One of the men, Sterling Cale, shared with us what he was doing when the attacks first began.

“On Dec. 7, I was on night duty on the shipyard, taking care of military and civilians. I got off duty that morning at 7 a.m., came to the main gate, saluted, said ‘I’m going home.’ Then I looked out to the battleship road and saw planes diving on battle wagons.

“I never had the chance to go home,” he said. “From then on, it was all military, from day one to the end of the war.”

Delton “Wally” Walling said “I was standing on tower, 180 feet in the air, and I looked up and saw all these planes. We all thought it was a great maneuver. … The orange balls on those planes didn’t even ring a bell until the little black objects started dropping out.

“When the bombs hit Ford Island, we knew we were in war,” he said.

“Remember all those brave men and women who helped protect you,” said Al Rodrigues, “show them love.”

Thousands are expected to attend the commemoration next week, as well as watch the live stream of the ceremonies online.

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