Hawaii will be getting more shipments in from Southern California.

On Wednesday, Pasha Hawaii launched a new vessel service to provide the islands with frequent shipments and more capacity to support Hawaii’s economy.

The LA-Hawaii Express (LHX) direct service offers two vessels that will call Los Angeles every Wednesday and will arrive in Honolulu every Sunday.

This means shippers will be able to fill orders on the mainland early in the week and have goods ready for a Monday morning delivery anywhere on Oahu. Barge connections link the LA-Hawaii Express service to all neighbor islands with one to two days of additional transit.

The service complements Pasha’s CA-Hawaii Express (CHX), which provides a weekly triangle service connecting Honolulu, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

The Wednesday arrival of the CA-Hawaii Express in Honolulu enables local retailers to receive their products and stock their shelves ahead of busy weekend sales.

“By offering two weekly sailings from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Pasha Hawaii gives manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to enjoy increased supply chain consistency and flexibility,” said George Pasha IV, president and CEO of Pasha Hawaii. “Our vessels are utilized exclusively in the Hawaii trade and we look forward to providing the market with exemplary schedule reliability and on-time performance.”

In addition to the LA-Hawaii Express and the CA-Hawaii Express, Pasha Hawaii operates the M/V Jean Anne, a bi-weekly roll-on/roll-off vessel service between San Diego and Honolulu, Kahului and Hilo.

“Our ten direct sailings per month from the Southern California sourcing market, plus our four sailings per month which include calls in both Los Angeles and Oakland, allow our customers to streamline their supply chains by keeping their inventories nimble and landed costs low,” said Chuck Patton, senior vice president of Pasha Hawaii.

The company says increased sailings could allow businesses to opt for ocean freight for perishable or fast-to-market products instead of higher-cost air freight.