Parents say bulletproof backpacks on sale reflect world we live in


In light of the recent mass shootings on the mainland, we found that you can get your hands on bulletproof backpacks. You can find them in stores where you buy office and school supplies. People we spoke to say it’s a reflection of the time we live in.

Some say these bulletproof backpacks are not the answer, others say it’s better to have some protection than nothing at all. But as parents, they all agree it’s a scary thought.

Mass shootings at schools, stores, and festivals have rocked this nation like never before. And the thought of buying bulletproof backpacks for their kids is unnerving for these parents.

“I never thought I would even have to think about something like that,” said Travis Suzawa.

“Having bulletproof backpacks next to pens is really a scary thing as a parent,” said Line Kruse.

“I rather have one than not need it, than need it and not have it,” said Jason Quintanar.

“I like to believe that we don’t need something like that, that we are still living on a safe island,” said Gorgeta Toba.

“If it was me and my grandchild was wearing that, I would feel somewhat comfortable,” said Director of Security for Securitas and former Honolulu Police Chief Lee Donohue.

Donohue tells us the effectiveness of these bulletproof backpacks depends on the situation.

“They have a certain stopping power but often there may be bigger caliber bullets that may go through. So they are not 100 percent full proof and it’s only going to protect that certain part of the body where it’s covering,” Donohue said.

Donohue says in today’s world some protection is better than nothing. Some agree but others say the issue is more of national policy.

“If it could help my child and my grandchildren potentially live through an active shooter situation than by all means,” said Quintanar. “It’s scary as a parent and grandparent. I worry about it but can’t let it affect how I’m going to live my life.”

“I think the more discourse that parents, like me, want to know is why do we feel like we have to buy bulletproof backpacks? What is President Trump doing about that? What is Governor Ige doing about that to make me, as a parent, feel more secure that my children are safe,” said Kruse.

The cost for these bulletproof backpacks is pretty pricey. One of the cheaper backpacks is about $200.

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