Parents discuss challenges of raising child with microcephaly


(CNN) — Pregnant women are advised not to travel to Zika-infected areas, because the mosquito-borne virus is linked to microcephaly.

It’s a birth defect which causes newborns to have an abnormally small head.

The condition can be diagnosed during pregnancy, but sometimes it’s detected only after a baby is born.

There is no standard treatment or known cure.

Babies with microcephaly can have a range of problems. Some suffer from seizures, while others are high-functioning.

A Massachusetts couple is raising a daughter with microcephaly.

Melissa and Peter Therrien opened up to CNN’s Robyn Curnow about the experience:

“I strongly believe that no matter what way a child comes out, their life is more important than terminating it, as long as they’re not suffering and living a painful life. Look at how happy she is. I wouldn’t trade this for the world. Neither one of us would.”

“The way it changes our family, one, is that we’ve become stronger together, I believe. Second, obviously it’s a heart-breaking condition to have because we don’t know what to expect for her future. So on a day-to-day basis, Peter and I face the reality of, are we going to be able to put our child to sleep at night and have her wake up and be the same child that we’ve known?”

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