Parents demand answers after classmate throws bleach in daughter’s face


Parents of a Moanalua High School student are speaking out after they say a confrontation on campus led to their daughter being sprayed with bleach.

It happened last week Monday, Nov. 6, after school.

Ryan and Krista Ingram tell us their daughter got into a fight with another student, and that student threw bleach in their daughter’s eyes.

They say more should have been done to stop the fight from happening.

Once the security guards broke up the confrontation, they say it was too late. Their 14-year-old daughter was left with bleach in her eyes, and a trip to the emergency room.

“She actually threw herself on my hands. She was crying, still soaked with water,” said Krista Ingram. “She’s like, ‘She threw bleach in my face, Mom. I could be blind right now. I probably can’t see anymore.’ That was her worry.”

The Ingrams say their daughter spoke with a counselor earlier in the day, telling them she was afraid the student who brought the bleach to school was going to use it on her.

“They didn’t know that my daughter went to a counselor twice that same day to let them know this was going to happen. She was letting people know,” said Krista Ingram.

Paperwork from the emergency room visit confirmed the substance was bleach, sprayed in the student’s eye at school. Doctors noted it caused corneal abrasions.

“Four times a day, she has to put the gel in her eyes to help the healing on her retina,” said Krista Ingram.

The Hawaii Department of Education could not give us details of the incident, saying there’s an ongoing investigation.

We asked about protocol when a faculty member is told by a student that they feel threatened, and received the following statement in response:

“When a student informs a teacher or counselor about feeling ‘threatened,’ the teacher or counselor can then report it to the principal who then conducts an inquiry into the situation. The safety of students are a priority. Please see the intervention and response steps here.

When the girl’s parents went to the school to talk about the incident, they say getting answers was difficult.

“In a lot of ways, I don’t think I should have to chase after the school for information,” said Krista Ingram. “If there was an investigation going, we’re a week in now. We should’ve heard something, some kind of update. ‘Hey, we spoke to the parents.'”

“Or at least a stance where the school would say, ‘We’ve done this investigation. This is where we’re at. This is what we’re thinking about implementing to prevent this from happening again.’ Just some type of contact,” Ryan Ingram added.

On Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 14, the Ingrams met with school administrators and the other girl’s parents.

They say the parents have agreed to remove their daughter from the school.

We asked the DOE for confirmation about the status of the student, but officials say they can’t comment on the status of individual students.

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