The dust is still settling around a confrontation involving bleach being sprayed in a student’s eyes at Moanalua High School.

Now, we’re learning more about what led up to the incident, and how other students tried to alert the school.

Since our story aired Tuesday night, several parents came forward to KHON2 to say their children knew the girl had the bleach since the beginning of the year.

Multiple parents say administrators were warned by students many times throughout the year that a girl had a perfume bottle filled with bleach, and intended to use it on another student.

A parent, who did not want to be identified, says her daughter and others tried to speak to at least two of the school’s vice principals about their concerns.

“From my understanding, the young lady had from since the summer been carrying the bleach, and voiced that she had bleach and that she would use the bleach.”

The parent says her daughter and others reached out to the administration, but nothing was done.

“The children did go to two of the VPs. That’s what they’re told to do. The VPs are in place to get to the principal. They tried to go through the proper channels. Nothing was done through those channels, so then they wrote the letter, which resulted in them being, receiving a consequence for their actions.”

The letter she’s referring to was addressed to the principal. The students had expressed concerns about the punishment handed down to the girl who used the bleach.

But parents say after writing the letter, students were told not to come back to class on Monday.

The reason: “Because they used their school email to send this letter out to the administration, the parents, and students.”

KHON2 asked for an interview with Moanalua High School principal Robin Martin to address parents’ concerns, as well as concerns about safety and security on campus.

We were given this statement in response: “The safety of our campus and well-being of our students is of utmost importance. We are working closely with the students and families involved to resolve the incident that took place last week.”