Papakolea children’s jiu-jitsu uniforms, training gear returned


A children’s jiu jitsu academy got a nice surprise on this holiday.

On Friday, that 25-hundred dollars worth of protective training gear was stolen from the academy owner’s vehicle. Kaleo Auwae pleaded for the gear to be returned.

This morning, Auwae got his wish.

Someone dropped off the container of uniforms near Longs Drugs on King Street.

“It feels awesome. Honestly, the aloha spirit is still alive. I think sometimes we feel like living in Hawaii all of that is gone. I think it’s still alive. We just got to practice it more often,” Auwea said.

Auwae said most of the gear was still in the box.

No arrests have been made, yet.

Even bigger news, Auwae’s wife gave birth to their third child today. Auwae was at the hospital when he got the call about his gear being found.

A children’s jiu-jitsu academy is without uniforms, because thieves stole them.

Team Papakolea Jiu-jitsu Academy owner Kaleo Auwae is pleading for the return of the uniforms, because they help keep the kids safe.

They were stolen out of the trunk of Auwae’s car sometime Thursday night to Friday morning. The thieves also stole his car’s registration, safety check sticker, and insurance card.

He noticed something was wrong when he dropped off his kids at school. Auwae’s car was somehow unlocked and his phone charger was gone.

“At the time, I thought, I think I got ripped off. I asked my kids, can you look in the back and see if Daddy’s bin is in the back? They said, ‘No, it’s not,'” said Auwae.

In the bin was $2,500 worth of protective training gear for his jiu-jitsu students.

“I wanted a new rash guard, but now there’s no more. When you do some of the warm-ups and when you train, you can get mat burn. The rash guard and the pants help you to not get mat burn,” explained Auwae’s 9-year-old daughter, Gabriella. “(The thieves) shouldn’t have done that.”

Auwae doesn’t know why the uniforms were stolen. He just wants them back.

“Stealing from kids,” he said. “To take that away was more, I guess, devastating than the actual material. To take it away from the kids. It’s original. It’s like a fingerprint. It belongs to one person. If it’s out there, if you could just return the gear, I’m good with that. You know what I mean? Leave it at the doorstep. You don’t even have to leave anything else. I’m cool with that.”

Anyone with information on the theft should call police.

There are two academy locations:

Team Papakolea Jiu-jitsu

505 Coral Street

(808) 741-1520

Relson Gracie Team Papakolea Jiu-Jitsu

2150 Tantalus Drive

(808) 741-1520

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