NEWARK, Calif. (CNN) — Fried rice traditionally includes eggs, but at Panda Express, you’ll now find corn instead.

Not everyone can digest the change, with comments like, “I think it’s gross. I’m not a vegetable guy,” “That’s kind of weird, honestly” and “Just doesn’t fit.”

Some aren’t even giving corn a chance. “Unfortunately Panda, we won’t be back until you fix it,” said customer Rochelle Cupferman. “Egg is part of fried rice. You go there, you go to Benihana, you go anywhere, and it’s going to have egg in it.”

Inside Panda Express, stickers are now posted, telling customers about the new recipe.

That’s not the only change. The company explained, “We take the health and safety of our guests seriously, and due to a temporary industry-wide egg shortage, Panda has temporarily modified our fried rice recipe and temporarily discontinued hot-and-sour soup.”

Across the country, the cost of eggs, especially those in liquid form, are up because of the recent bird flu outbreak.

The Twitterverse has spoken loudly about the quiet change.