A blessing was held Saturday in Pahoa for twenty micro-shelter homes for residents displaced by the Kilauea lava flow.

Governor David Ige, Hawaii Island mayor Harry Kim and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard were in attendance.

The 10×12 dwellings are on the property of Sacred Heart Church. Each can house two adults and up to five children.

Hawaii Army National Guard soldiers collaborated with civilian organizations such as Hope Services, Pacific Rim Construction LLC, and many more on this project that broke ground on June 1st, 2018. 

Hawaii Island resident Carol Ignacio said, “It’s just phenomenal to see the military outside of the war zone. You know, and building community right here.”

“Every person here in Hawaii is just like a link. Like a chain. You know they come together to become strong,” said Gilbert Aguinaldo of Pacific Rim Construction LLC.

Hawaii Army National Guard soldiers also helped build the showers and bathroom stalls in the area. Two separate bathrooms for males and females were built with four stalls each. Two separate shower areas were built with three showers each.

Priority of the micro-shelters will go to the elderly, disabled, and families of seven.