Members of an Oahu canoe club say they feel disappointed and sick to their stomachs after more than a dozen of their canoes were vandalized.

Hui Nalu Canoe Club members told KHON2 they’re just not sure why someone would do this, but this also isn’t the first time they’ve heard of a canoe club being vandalized.

A few club members were about a half-mile out in Maunalua Bay Monday morning when they first noticed the damage.

“We were out at the 1-2 buoy and on our way back when we noticed the ropes holding the ama (float) were sliced and cut,” said member Patrick Mulcahy.

The members realized the extent of the damage when they got back to shore.

“The ropes had been cut on 16 boats and a total of 25 amas were affected,” Mulcahy said.

“Ama is what keeps us from flipping over back and forth so its vital, we can’t go out basically,” said member Kona Baker. “There’s so many things to do in Hawaii and to just do a senseless act like this.”

Members told KHON2 it looks like only their club canoes were targeted. We’re told other canoe clubs on island have also been hit with vandalism over the last couple of weeks.

“It saddens me that with all these beautiful things in Hawaii, they would just have to do something like this. I mean it sickens me to my stomach,” Baker said.

“It’s just really disappointing that someone would do this. It takes a lot of time to rig all these boats and get everything ready,” said member Tiffany Arapari.

Hui Nalu has over 500 members ranging in age from 8 years old to 80 years old.

The canoes are also used for an after-school program.

More than a dozen members came together to fix the rigging before kids got out of school Monday afternoon.

Members have this message for the vandals: “Come paddle. I mean join the club and you’ll see how important it is to us,” Baker said.

We reached out to the Honolulu Police Department to find out if there have been any other reports of vandalism at Maunalua Bay. The department is looking into our request.

No arrests have been made, but if you have any information, you’re asked to call police.