Oahu’s only open medical cannabis dispensary sells out after three days

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The only open medical cannabis dispensary on Oahu has run out of its initial stock after just three days in business.

Aloha Green opened on Wednesday, Aug. 9, and says it received three times the expected number of patients.

With an average wait period of 1.5 hours, the line outside the dispensary’s entrance had to be cut short before the official closing time on all three days.

Aloha Green will be closed for the remainder of the week, and reopen at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 16, for normal business hours. It was initially scheduled to be closed from Sunday to Tuesday.

“We have enough product at the production facility to catch up with demand,” said Tai Cheng, Aloha Green’s chief operating officer. “We have no shortage of product at our production center. This issue comes from our goal to be first to market and the constrains with lab testing. Adjustments to accelerate our planned testing, packaging, and sales schedules have already been made so that we can restock over the weekend.”

Initial company projections had assumed that at least one other Oahu dispensary would be operational, which would have reduced the demand for products.

Now, Aloha Green says, production has been boosted and all available samples are being sent to Steep Hill for testing.

For security purposes, Aloha Green is not disclosing sales figures.

“We are experiencing the growing pains of a new industry, and our team is appreciative of everyone’s patience and support,” said CEO James H.Q. Lee. “We are confident that demand will be met and exceeded once all eight licensees are operational.”

There’s no word yet when Oahu’s two other dispensaries, Manoa Botanicals and Cure Oahu, will open.

For security purposes, Aloha Green is not disclosing sales figures.

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