Oahu’s Browne promises victory at UFC 213


KHON2 sports director Rob DeMello is in Las Vegas for UFC’s International Fight Week. Stay tuned for more special reports from the “Ninth Island” through the weekend.

Friday afternoon, UFC 9th-ranked heavyweight Travis “Hapa” Browne weighed-in at 247.5 pounds in advance of his UFC 213 bout with Aleksei Oleinik (241.5 lbs) Saturday.

After the weigh-ins, Browne went one-on-one with KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello.

RD: “Weigh-ins are now in the books all that hard work you had to put yourself through to get ready for this it’s now 24 hours away from fight night how you feelin?”

TB: “Ah man feel ready. What happened in the past is in the past and what’s gonna happen tomorrow is gonna happen tomorrow so just going out there looking for a scrap. Gonna get down and ready.”

RD: “Its interesting yesterday you used the term a lot ‘starting all over’. For a lot of people that can be a frustrating thing but are you able to find excitement in that and almost take you back to when you were first coming up in mixed martial arts. Are you able to kind of take a little from that?”

TB: “I think people can look at it as a frustrating thing but it’s only frustrating if you let it be frustrating right? I’m excited. I get to go out there and just perform. This is really what it’s about is going out there and putting everything that you’ve done your homework on and putting it to the test come Saturday so I’m just looking forward to it. I get to get into a fight with a guy, get paid for it, not have to go to jail and enjoy my life. So I’m just looking to go out there and get that ‘W’.

RD: “Everybody back home is begging for a UFC Hawaii but this is the next best thing you’re on the ninth island there’s going to be a lot of Hawaiians in the crowd. How much do they fuel you?”

TB: “Man I feed off of it. In some of my past fights we had people in the crowd that chartered planes from Hawaii to come to watch all of us fight and partake in the UFC and fighting is in our culture back in Hawaii. So what more can you say? This is  where we belong.”

RD: “From back home what’s your advice on why they should not miss this fight.”

TB: “Man come on someone is going to sleep. I don’t go in there to play patty cake I’m going in there to swing and I’m going to come out on top I promise you that.”

UFC 213’s preliminary card begins Saturday at 3 p.m. HST and will air live on Fox Sports 1.

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