Oahu resident to guide vessel to meet Hokulea, Hikianalia in Tahiti for worldwide voyage homestretch


In June, the historic malama honua voyage will end when Hokulea returns to Oahu after years at sea.

The journey has attracted attention and recognition from different organizations and media, including a New Zealand TV station, which captured the departure of another canoe.

The new vessel is called Okeanos Marshall, and it’s making news because it’s heading to Tahiti to join Hokulea and Hikianalia.

Oahu resident Rusty Oppenheimer is a part of the crew, he is the captain and navigator and the only Hawaii crewmember.

Oppeneimer says “us and the Polynesians down here, we’re a really close family so they called us up and they asked for someone from Hawaii to come sailing with them. The people of Hawaii will be very happy to see multiple canoes bringing Hokulea and Hikianalia back home, together.”

The vessel will sail across the Pacific to Tahiti, Hawaii and the Marshall Islands where it will be gifted to the people there for educational, research and commercial purposes.

Hokulea, Hikianalia and their sister canoes are expected to arrive at Magic Island on Saturday, June 17.

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