North Shore of Oahu hit with double whammy of strong winds and huge surf


State Land Department officials said rarely, if ever, have we experienced this combination of huge onshore waves and gale force winds.

The waves really started to pick at Shark’s Cove around 2:00p.m. Sunday afternoon and it only got bigger from there.

It wasn’t quite the 60 foot faces but definitely 40 and maybe even 50 feet. There were some problems on Kamehameha Highway as far as water washing on the roadways in several areas like Haleiwa, Laniakea and Waimea Bay.

There were not major rescues and Ocean Safety officials said everybody pretty much behaved, except a few people who had to be told they were too close to the shoreline.

Some North Shore residents, even safety officials said while they see large waves all the time during this time of the year, this combination certainly is worrisome.

Resident Mike Lorne said, “We always get surf this size but I think the wind is what makes it so unusual.”

“We want to thank the public for not coming out and keeping the crowds down and we hope everybody can continue that through Monday,” said Lt. Kerry Atwood.

He added, “We want everybody to please abide by those signs do not cross the caution tape. It’s up there for a reason so stay off of wet rocks, stay off of wet sand and if you view the surf do so from a guarded beach. And listen to your lifeguard. Carelessness costs lives.”

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