It’s a story KHON2 has been following for several years. The ongoing rundown, decrepit conditions at Sunset Memorial Park.

Along with the overgrown shrubbery and grass there were holes in the ground, broken grave markers, and even stolen urns.

Tonight there may be progress on improving the situation at the cemetery.

There is now committee who is going to be responsible for maintaining the cemetery. At a meeting today, board members were selected to run a nonprofit group. The group is still working on achieving nonprofit status.

The city is also stepping in to help.

The grass is dry, but it’s no longer overgrown and taking over headstones.

Sunset Memorial Park still has garbage that has not been collected.

Inocentes Montecillo has family buried there.

“It’s terrible. You got to watch where you walk. There is holes, some that you can probably lie inside,” Montecillo said.

The city has agreed to do a one time trash pick up on August 7, but it will be up to the newly formed committee to figure out who will be responsible for cleaning up the cemetery and taking out the garbage.

On Saturday, community members voted at Waiau District Park on who will serve on the committee to help maintain that cemetery.

  • President: Darrell Salvador
  • Vice President: Peter Fernando
  • 1st Treasurer: Dennis Bunda
  • 2nd Treasurer: Gary Shim
  • Secretary: Mate Shim

Darrell Salvador is still working on establishing nonprofit status for Na Ohana O Sunset Memorial Park, previously referred to as Friends of Sunset Memorial Park.

“None of this would have happened if you folks didn’t come and film and aired everything that was going on. To me, I look at this as all of this negative publicity at Sunset Memorial Park now it’s going to start coming up from the ashes, and being something beautiful. Something that is going to be meaningful to the families and to our community.”

State Representative Gregg Takayama was also present. He says he will continue to push for a bill next session that would establish a waiver of liability for volunteers.

“Last legislative session, we almost got through. It died in the conference committee, and what it would do is provide liability waiver for volunteers. This would enable outside groups to come in and help clean up Sunset Memorial Cemetery.”

Montecillo visits the site once a month to cut the grass and maintain the area.

“How does it make you feel to see progress happening? Well, we making the progress. People like us should go down. There are families there that people don’t go,” Montecillo said.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, August 19 at 1 p.m. at Waiau District Park.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.