Noise of exploding fireworks may be cause of lost pets


It’s been a busy week for the Lost and Found Department at the Hawaiian Humane Society. The shelter said it’s on pace to take in 100 stray cats and dogs between December 31 and January 1.

While the Humane Society said it can’t pinpoint the exact reason why more lost pets are being reported, the increase coincides with fireworks complaints in neighborhoods across the island.

Maile resident Janea Rodrigues found her pitbull, Pua, a mile away from home at the Pizza Hut in Waianae Mall after going missing when fireworks went off in the neighborhood.

“It frightened her. She wanted to get away from where she was by herself,” Rodrigues explained.

But over in Waipio, Jamie Kim is still missing Soonie, her 16-year-old poi dog.

“She’s elderly, she’s hard of hearing, but she can hear certain pitches,” explained Kim, “and I know she’s scared of the fireworks. The vibration, she can feel. So I don’t know if that spooked her, and she ran off.”

Kim said she filed a missing animal report at the Humane Society.

The shelter is currently holding about 300 animals. More employees were called in to help with the recent increase in missing animal reports.

Admissions manager Joe Adarna said 42 missing animal reports were filed in the last two days, and at last count, 63 strays were brought in.

Adarna suggests owners bring pets indoors during times when fireworks explode.

“We try to keep them indoors, in a quiet room,” he said, “turn up music so they feel calmer. This is a stressful time for animals outside, all the loud noise can scare them.”

The Hawaiian Humane Society keeps lost animal reports for 30 days, so if you’re missing a pet, keep checking. “You can renew it over and over,” Adarna added. “I’ve had owners reunite with pets years after they’re lost.”

As for Kim, she said she’ll continue to check with the Humane Society for any word on Soonie.

“We’re so sad. She’s been with me for half my life. It’s just a part of the family missing. It’s a sad way to start the new year.”

If a lost animal has identification, like a collar or a microchip, the owner has nine days to claim the animal. If animals aren’t re-claimed, the shelter will put them up for adoption.

For more information about the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Lost and Found Dept., call 356-2228 or click here.

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