No sign of suspects in Kalakaua Ave. robbery, despite surveillance cameras throughout store


An investigation is underway after an electric bicycle store in Moiliili was robbed.

The owner of GoGo eBikes on Kalakaua Avenue tells us two men barged in at around 2 a.m. Monday and demanded the owner open his safe.

Store owner Rick Shankles says he tried to fight off the men, but it was two against one.

“I went over here and immediately they pushed me through my bikes, knocked all my bikes,” he said. “They held something against my back, demanding that I open the safe.”

“What kind of weapon did they use?” KHON2 asked.

“I don’t know. It was blunt, so I can assume maybe a pistol,” he said.

Shankles says after he opened the safe, he was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, cash and all the security camera footage were taken.

“My blinds were drawn,” he said. “They had to be here at least 30 minutes.”

Shankles has security cameras in and around his store, as well as hidden cameras, but all of the footage from the robbery was gone. He says the suspects took the digital video recorder that’s hooked up to the surveillance cameras.

“All the wires, everything was hanging down,” he said. “On top of that, we had four independent hidden cameras self-recording, so I told them that we start looking, they are all hanging down. All the memory cards were taken.”

David Holloway, who owns MDH Automation and Security, says it’s unusual that the suspects knew about the hidden cameras.

“Normally thieves would just take the DVR and think they have the goods,” Holloway said. “Sounds like someone had a pretty good knowledge of his system and how it was set up.”

KHON2 asked Holloway, how can homeowners or store owners protect themselves?

“The best thing to do is one lock up the DVR, make it difficult, not impossible, but difficult to take,” he replied.

Holloway also suggests hiding the DVR or getting a security system that records at a different location.

If you have a monitor, don’t give away where your cameras are positioned.

“That monitor should have one or two cameras, not all the cameras, because if I walk into a store and I see in the monitor, I see they are covering this corner and that corner,” Holloway explained. “I know I can go in this corner and do whatever I want, because they can’t see me.”

Shankles says nothing of value was stored in the safe, just family photos.

Police have made no arrests at this time.

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