New study declares Hawaii the worst state to drive in


Hawaii finishes dead last in a new ranking of the best and worst states to drive in.

The survey by financial website WalletHub looked at different indicators, including gas prices, maintenance costs, and road quality.

Fatality and car theft rates are included under safety, which Hawaii ranked 34th.

As for access to vehicles, meaning the number of gas stations and auto repair shops, Hawaii ranked 43rd.

The study also looked at traffic and road quality. Again, we ranked low at 46.

We took the study to the state Department of Transportation.

Ed Sniffen, deputy director of the department’s Highways Division tell us he doesn’t like being last, but hopes recent prioritizations will change that.

Sniffen says the administration has been prioritizing preservation, or road maintenance.

“So we pushed all of our money towards preservation to ensure that next time WalletHub does their study, we’ll be a lot higher on the curb,” said Sniffen. “Pretty soon we are coming out on our H-1 eastbound project that’s going to be improving the pavement in that area.”

Should the state ramp up more initiatives?

“No, I think we are improving tremendously,” said Sniffen. “By the end of this month we are going to have our ‘good roads cost less’ plan to present to the legislature to let them know how we are prioritizing our preservation, how we are prioritizing our bridges.”

For lawmakers, it all comes down to money.

“It is a complex matter, but at the end of the day if we don’t have enough money to fix our roads and repair our roads for starters, that’s certainly going to impact the driving conditions,” said Sen. Will Espero, D, Ewa Beach.

If you were curious, WalletHub considered Texas the best state to drive in.Click here to view the WalletHub study.Click here for an interactive map of all state Department of Transportation projects.

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