New resolution seeks to prevent agency corruption after Kealoha trial


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Last week, former police chief Louis and former deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha were found guilty on charges relating to a stolen mailbox.

City Council Member Ron Menor, who represents Ewa Beach and Mililani, has created a new resolution asking the agencies the couple was employed under to review and assess their current operational policies and procedures. These agencies include the Honolulu Police Department, The Honolulu Police Commission and the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney.

“The Kealoha corruption trial and convictions have exposed potential fundemental weaknesses in the way our law enforcement agencies have been operating and managing their affairs,” said Menor.

The resolution also asks that these agencies report to the City Council after six months of evaluation to report what they have discovered and ways to improve. Menor says that will then be open to public input.

“It’s really important for all of our law enforcement agencies going forward to do an internal review and assessment to identify how these kinds of corrupt activities, these abuses of power could have occurred,” said Menor.

“By taking those kinds of proactive measures and steps, that will help enhance public confidence and trust,” said Menor.

The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney said:

“Administrators and division heads routinely review and revise procedures to guard against wrongdoing.”

Brooks Baehr, Department of the Prosecuting Attorney

They also said:

“We have revised our internal policy regarding access to sensitive electronic information including police reports and other law enforcement records. We have formalized our policy regarding conflict of interest.”

Brooks Baehr, Department of the Prosecuting Attorney

They said they have also established a hotline where employees can make anonymous reports.

HPD and the Police Commission says they are currently reviewing a copy of the resolution.

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