Reservoirs and watersheds are the source of our drinking water, but for years people have been using some of the Oahu’s reservoirs for fun.

A new proposal in the City Council is trying to put an end to this.

“In Kahaluuu we’ve had extreme concerns of various individuals utilizing and accessing areas very close to our watershed and concerns for contaminants and other issues,” said City Council Member Heidi Tsuneyoshi.

She said social media has been drawing people to the spots that are current off limits.

“A lot of social media sites are driving tourists and other individuals, that haven’t previously been accessing these areas as much as they have now, and going close to our watersheds.”

Heidi Tsuneyoshi, City Council Member

That is why she wants to expand the trespassing zones to include access ways and paths that lead to the reservoirs, along with the reservoir areas.

She is also looking to increase the minimum penalty for trespassing from $10 to $100. The maximum penalty would go up from $600 to $1,000.

Tsuneyoshi hopes this will deter people from trying to get in.

“We look forward to working with board of water supply and other key stake holders to see how we can better manage access in these areas,” said Tsuneyoshi.