New proposal aims to strengthen crossing laws


Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise this year. With so many deaths, the city council is looking into ways to further protect pedestrians crossing the streets.

Council member Ron Menor has introduced a new bill with three provisions to pedestrian safety laws that he believes will make a difference.

He says he modeled the provisions after pedestrian safety ordinances already in place in Springfield, Missouri.

“Pedestrian accidents and fatalities have become a major problem on this island, and I believe that the government and the community, we really need to be proactive in exploring any and all possible solutions to enhance pedestrian safety,” said Menor.

While jaywalking is already illegal on Oahu, his proposal is a little more exact.

One of the provisions would ban people from crossing the street 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise, unless they’re using a crosswalk or intersection with a pedestrian controlled signal.

“Pedestrians have been hit in roadways where they attempt to cross a roadway, and it’s very dark and there’s limited visibility for motorists to be able to see the pedestrians,” said Menor. 

Another provision would ban pedestrians from crossing the street in areas with high amounts of traffic and where cars can drive 35MPH and above unless they’re using a crosswalk or intersection. 

“When this measure goes through full public hearings then we’re going to be looking forward to seeing input from our city transportation officials and also from the general public in terms of where the most hazardous roadways are.”

The final provision would limit the period of time that a pedestrian can stand or remain on a median in a heavily trafficked roadway.

Fines for violation are currently set at $100.
However, this bill isn’t the only thing the council is looking at. There’s also a resolution to create a pedestrian safety commission that would make recommendations to improve pedestrian safety.

To see the full bill, you can visit this website.

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