New facial recognition app introduced at consumer expo


(CNN) — Some 3,500 companies are hoping to blow people’s minds with the technology of the future at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and one of the things being introduced at the expo is an app which lets consumers to use their actual faces to replace passwords.

Security was always going to be a big theme at CES 2015, but it’s even bigger in the wake of the Sony hack. Everybody is looking at new security methods, especially a way to replace passwords.

One of the apps that has caught our attention is called “1U,” and it allows you to replace your password with a selfie.

The first question to Hector Hoyos of Hoyos Labs was that if a person can use a selfie for a password, couldn’t somebody just steal that selfie and get into that user’s accounts that way?

“They could if we didn’t have likeness verification,” Hoyos said, “but we developed technology, which is Lifeness, which actually detects that you’re a live person. We do that by various methods — one is looking at pupil dilation, asking a user to facial sensing, which means you can raise your eyebrows, smile, do different things that detect motion of the muscles.”

The app can be used either just on the mobile phone, or in conjunction with a computer.

“It’s all very straightforward, easy, secure,” Hoyos said, “and it’s extracting the biometrics, which is the unique characteristics you are born with, in this case, the face, the periocular region around the eye.”

The app also allows the use of a fingerprint with the selfie.

The 1U app is free and more information about it can be found by clicking here.

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