New bill could set up future bikeshares to come to Honolulu


The new City Council proposal sets up a permit process with rules to follow, which could open the door for more bike share companies to do business in Honolulu.

There were 35 million trips taken with bike shares last year according to the National Association of . City Transportation Officials. With bike share popularity skyrocketing across the U.S., a new bill could give the green light for more of these companies to come to the Honolulu market.

City Council Bill 57 sets up a rule book on how bike share companies can obtain a permit to operate, how much their fees will cost and what rules they have to follow to keep operations running.

Council member Trevor Ozawa proposed the bill.

“The point of this legislation is to go ahead and create a fair and equitable process so that we’re prepared for any businesses that want to come here,” said Honolulu City Council member Trevor Ozawa.

Under the bill, bike share companies must follow the rules of the permit which include
making sure docked or dockless bikes don’t block pedestrian access on a sidewalk or block business entrances or bus stops. The bikes also can’t block traffic on a road, street, or public right-of-way.

“The transportation and technology combo is becoming an international issue that’s taking over the globe and so we need to be prepared,” said Ozawa.

“Uber”, which recently bought bike share company “Jump”, shared this statement about the opportunity to conduct a bike share business in Honolulu:

“We appreciate the council looking at this issue.” 

With regards to their views on bike share, they also referred us to company posts which say,

“We want to provide alternatives to personal car ownership by bringing together multiple modes of transportation right in our app.”

A representative from “Lime” says they are currently reviewing the bill.

We also reached out to other bike share company “Lyft,” and are still waiting to hear back. 

Bill 57 will be going to the next City Council session. To take a look at Bill 57, you can click here.

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