Need gift ideas? AT&T breaks down the hottest tech stocking stuffers


With Christmas less than two weeks away we went in search of some of the must have tech gadgets this season.

On Take2, we got some help from experts at AT&T in Ala Moana Center to get an idea what high-tech gift ideas are hot.

The I-Phone X has been flying off store shelves, a new larger screen, longer lasting charge to the batteries have many fans excited.

There are also things like wireless earphones by Beats. Users have also commented about the charging system. Five minutes on the chargers give you an hour of play time.

There is also the Google Home, which allows you to synch up all your gadgets, ask what the weather is going to be like today, even what traffic heading to work looks like. All these things can be found at the tech store of your choice this holiday season.

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