Navy volunteers clean USS Arizona Memorial, re-opening on track for Fall 2019


A key attraction at the Pearl Harbor’s Visitor’s Center has been closed for over a year now. The state’s biggest attraction has been closed for over a year now.

The USS Arizona Memorial closed back in May 2018 after the dock was damaged in a high tide event.

Over the last few weeks, several groups of Navy volunteers have been going to the USS Arizona Memorial to help clean it in preparation for the much-anticipated re-opening.

“Our goal is to preserve it to the best that we can so that when it gets restored and the visitors come on board, all they focus on is the importance of the memorial,” said Eric Moore, president of the Mustang Association Hawaii Chapter.

The volunteers painted, chipped off old gum from benches, and scrubbed the deck. They say it’s an honor to be standing there.

“It doesn’t even feel like a volunteer event, it feels like I’ve won the lottery,” said Lt. CMDR Jeremy Reed, Outgoing Operations Officer NSSC at Pearl Harbor.

Thousands of visitors still visit Pearl Harbor daily, taking photos of the historic memorial from a distance as a boat takes them to the USS Missouri.

But when will they be able to stand above the USS Arizona again?

“They have installed a brand new anchoring system and they’ve reset the dock,” explained

Glen Fickbohm, facility manager for the Arizona Memorial for the National Park Service.

“Next week they’re going to work on putting the bridge back in place and the ramp and we’re going to finish our cleanup work and open the memorial here real soon,” he said.

Officials say it’s on track to reopen this fall.

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