Navy News: National Fire Prevention Week


Next week is National Fire Prevention Week.

This morning on Wake Up 2day, Regional Fire Chief Gregg Moriguchi and Fire Inspector Chris Magnani joined us in studio to talk about role of the Federal Fire Department in Hawaii.

“We have the privilege of protecting those who protect us, and we need to be ready to respond to a variety of emergencies on military installations, airfields, ships, and submarines,” says Moriguchi. “We also protect our environment by fighting brushfires and protecting wildlife, often shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters from the Honolulu Fire Department.”

Moriguchi says federal firefighters also assisted HFD in the deadly Marco Polo fire.

“We responded to a mutual aid request for assistance from HFD with 15 firefighters and several fire engine companies, a Battalion Chief, and a mobile air cart,” says Moriguchi. “The air cart provided critical support to firefighters who battled the blaze providing breathable air to both Fed Fire and Honolulu Fire Department firefighters.”

Magnani reminds residents to draw a map of your home with all members of your household, marking two exits from each room and a path to the outside. “Practice your home fire drill twice a year,” says Magnani. “Once during the day and one at night. Teach children how to escape on their own, close doors behind you. Once you get out, stay out.”

Fire prevention week is from October 8-14, 2017 and this year’s theme is “Every second counts, Plan 2 ways out.”

The Federal Fire Department will join the Honolulu Fire Department on October 7th at the Honolulu Zoo and again on October 14th at Aloha Stadium during the University of Hawaii football game.

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