WNYers with Leap Year birthdays are getting ready to celebrate


(WIVB) – Most people get to celebrate their birthdays on their birthday each year- but for those born on Feb. 29, their actual birthday date only rolls around once every four years.

Many leap year babies like to joke that they are actually a quarter of their age.

“People laugh, but it’s true- I’ve only had 23 birthdays,” chuckled Joe Bittar, who is turning 92 (“23”) on Saturday.

The Williamsville resident is a veteran who took the Honor Flight in 2015. He’s not the only Leap Day baby in his family.

“My uncle was born on the 29th too,” Bittar recalled. “When I was younger, it was all him and I was on the side.”

East Aurora sixth grader Christopher Taylor is turning 12- or “three”- this weekend.

“People will be like ‘you’re the smartest little two-year-old, you’re the strongest little two-year-old’,” Taylor said. “In sports, my friends are like ‘yeah, you just got beat by a two-year-old’.

On non-Leap Years, Taylor’s birthday is celebrated on both Feb. 28 and March 1.

“Every fourth year, I get a big, cool birthday,” he added.

Albion dance studio owner Amy Sidari is turning “13” this year.

“When I turned “12”, my fourth child turned 12, and now that I’m turning “13”, my youngest is turning 13,” Sidari said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Depew resident Kaitlin Doyle is turning 28- or “seven” on Leap Day, and planning on celebrating with a day off and a relaxing dinner.

She celebrates on March 1 during non-Leap Years.

Kaitlin Doyle

“Being a Leap Year is pretty neat- you get to celebrate for two days if you want and get away with it!” she added.

Sue Albrecht of Cheektowaga is turning “13” this year.

Sue Albrecht

“I’m a teenager this year!” she said, adding “it’s very unique and special to be a leap year baby- I love it!”

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