Vietnam veteran awarded nation’s highest military honor


President Trump Wednesday, awarded the Medal of Honor to an Arkansas man for his heroism during the Vietnam War. 

Retired Sergeant Major John Canley betrayed no emotion as he stood at attention and became the 300th Marine to receive the nation’s highest award for valor. 

But those who fought with him say it was not emotion that made him beloved, it was leadership. 

President Donald Trump said, “John’s fellow Marines have described him as a Marine warrior, and I can see it, who is bigger than life and beyond the reach of death?” 

In early 1968 in the battle of Hue during the Vietnam War, Canley repeatedly risked his life to save fellow soldiers after they were surrounded. 

“John wages seven straight days of unrelenting combat,” said President Trump. 

When his commanding officer was severely wounded Canley took over exposing himself to fire while leading attacks on enemy positions. 

It’s not just the President who speaks about Canley’s bravery in battle. It also comes from the the men who fought along side him. 

Maj. Gen. John Ligato (Ret.) of Alpha Company said, “His reputation was that he never ducked, he never crawled. During firefights when we would be all down hugging mother earth, he be standing up directing us.” 

They say that bravery saved the lives of countless men. 

Maj. Gen. Ray Smith (Ret.) of Alpha Company said, “All of us, the lieutenant included, literally worship the ground he walks on.” 

Some of those men were at the White House Wednesday bursting with pride as John Canley received the medal they knew he deserved. 

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