HONOLULU (KHON2) — Verizon customers will soon see a higher phone bill as the company makes adjustments to fees to defray some of their administrative and telco expenses.

Beginning in June, wireless postpaid consumer customers will see an administrative charge increase of $1.35 per voice line to $3.30. The administrative charge for data lines remains unchanged.

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On Thursday, May 19, Verizon sent KHON2 the following statement:

“We work every day to maintain competitive prices for our business customers— often by absorbing increases that we incur. The current economic conditions impacting businesses worldwide continue to mount and despite our best efforts to mitigate further impact, we intend to offset a portion of these costs by implementing an Economic Adjustment Charge.”


The new Economic Adjustment Charge is something Verizon Business lines will see beginning June 16. The amount of the charge is $2.20 per month/line for each smartphone and data device, and $0.98 per month/line for each basic phone and tablet device.

This will apply to newly activated and upgraded lines, existing lines that have completed a contract-based line term, and lines that have 12 months or fewer remaining on a Device Payment Plan Agreement.

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Verizon told KHON2 that many businesses in the global market and in their industry have taken similar actions in adjusting their prices in response to economic conditions.