The Taco Bell hotel has officially opened. For many die-hard fans, a few days of R&R surrounded by Taco Bell goodies is an absolute dream come true.

“It’s everything,” said hotel guest William Bradford. “Like it’s Taco Bell and in its whole fantasticness. Like, is that a word? I don’t know if that’s a word.”

Guests checking in to the Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs is a dream destination for Taco Bell fans.

“One person told me this is the best day of their life so that’s definitely our standard at this point,” said hotel employee Sam Valentine.

“Dream come true,” said hotel guest Tanner Anderson.

“Dream come true as you could say. Yes,” said another guest Danielle Cooper.

The hotel’s decor depicts a flavor-filled getaway. The rooms are covered with touches of Taco Bell.

“All the details are here and it’s just been awesome coming in and checking out the room and seeing everything, all the hard work that’s been put into it,” said Bradford.

Guests are enjoying the tasty treats, as well as the pool sauce packet floaties.

“The best part is coming to the pool where you’re going to be getting taco bell food that you can’t get anywhere else,” said Taco Bell Corporate Executive Jennifer Arnoldt.

“Food looks amazing like we’re speculating maybe we need to try everything,” said Bradford.

If you’re coming out of the pool, you can find the Baja Bar with a list of Taco Bell curated cocktails like the Strawberry Sangria Baja Blast, a Cucumber Crush or even a horchata date smoothie.

There’s even a salon for Taco Bell makeovers.

“I have actually been saving my hair to get a Taco Bell fade at the salon. So I’m excited to go get my haircut,” said Bradford.

With Palm Springs the backdrop for the ultimate Taco Bell experience.

“There’s a definite, like, vibe going on here. You can tell by the way things look and it just seems like the perfect spot for it,” Bradford said.