Stereotypes: This is what 1,002 Americans think of Hawaii and other states


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Surfing, sipping Mai Tais, and being prodigies at the ukulele are just a few of the stereotypes people in America expect from the Aloha State.

Areavibes surveyed 1,002 Americans on their perception of each state to determine the stereotypes of each state.

What’s Hawaii’s number one stereotype? Surfers, their data shows.

How about Hawaii’s number one food stereotype? No, it’s not poke or poi, but pineapples.

Aside from spam, ukuleles and hula dancing, it was all about the “beaches” and the “tropical” vibes for the people surveyed.

New York was perceived to be rich, California’s supposedly liberal, Utah’s perceived to be Mormon central, and some people think Indiana is just plain old boring.

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