Most Pet Friendly States in America

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With June marking National Safety Month, SafeWise recently reported “The Most (and Least) Pet-Friendly States in America.” SafeWise ranked these states by looking at the number of anti-abuse laws, veterinarians, and no-kill shelters in each state. Pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities were also factors in their ranking.

5. Washington 

With hundreds of dog parks, hiking trails and pet-friendly beaches, Washington takes fifth place. They also have thousands of pet-friendly restaurants. On top of this, they also have 60 no-kill shelters where anyone can adopt a furry friend.

4. California

The state has the most veterinarians in the country and is home to over 500 dog parks, 81 dog-friendly beaches, and a handful of stunning national parks and monuments. California law is also highly protective of abused animals. 

3. Maine

Maine has many pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, dog parks, beaches, and hiking trails. The state is also home to 26 no-kill shelters, 460 veterinarians, and the third-best animal protection laws in the nation according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

2. Colorado 

Colorado has 74 no-kill shelters and 2,150 veterinarians. They also have some of the nation’s best animal protection laws. For example, domestic abuse can include crimes against a victim’s animal, and veterinarians are required to report suspected cruelty. Colorado also has stunning national parks for your pet to run around in.

1. Oregon

The state has many welcoming parks, beaches, restaurants, with Portland alone having over 350 pet-friendly restaurants. Animal law in Oregon is more advanced than the rest of the country too—animal fighting is a felony and charges increase with cases involving multiple animals. These and other laws have placed Oregon at the top of their list

If you were wondering where Hawaii stands in this list, we are unfortunately ranked 44 out of the 50 states. Maybe legislation will work harder to protect our beloved pets.

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