Kentucky TV reporter, photographer shot with ‘pepper balls’ by police


(Video Source: WAVE via CNN Newsource)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CNN) – Television cameras capture police shooting at a reporter with pepper balls in Louisville, Kentucky.

It happened friday night while the reporter appeared to be live on the air.

She was showing the camera supplies on the scene that would be used to help soothe people’s eyes after tear gas gets in them.

An officer can then be seen aiming a gun at the reporter, and she screams, exclaiming she doesn’t know why she has been fired on because she is behind the police line.

Authorities are likely on edge in louisville on the second night of protests there.

Seven people were shot Thursday night, and two police officers were hospitalized following the first night of protests.

Violent protests have erupted in major cities around the country in response to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The protests in Kentucky are also in response to the police killing of Breonna Taylor in March.

That happened while Louisville officers were serving her a no-knock warrant.


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