It’s national Pie Day!

The map above was put together by food and cooking site

It is based on geotagged twitter data in the last month tracking specific types of pie mentions and hashtags in each state (over 50,000 pie tweets tracked).

As you can see, apple pie dominates the map, but there is a lot more diversity in the eastern half of the US.

The state breakdown is as follows:

Apple Pie – 23 states
Pumpkin Pie – 7 states
Pecan Pie – 7 states
Cherry Pie – 4 states
Chocolate Pie – 3 states
Blueberry Pie – 2 states
Key Lime Pie – 1 state
Lemon Meringue – 1 state
Strawberry Pie – 1 state
Banana Cream – 1 state

Other pies such as mud pie, and sweet potato pie were also tracked, but they did not win any states.