Help name Saturn’s 20 newly discovered moons


This image provided by NASA is a Hubble Space Telescope close-up view of Saturn’s disk captures the transit of several moons across the face of the gas giant planet. The giant orange moon Titan – larger than the planet Mercury – can be seen at upper right. The white icy moons close to the ring plane are, from left,Enceladus, Dione, and Mimas, at right edge of the plaent. The dark band running across the face of the planet slightly above the rings is the shadow of the rings cast on the planet. The dark dots as the shadows cast by Enceladus and Dione. (AP Photo/NASA)

The Carnegie Institution for Science is holding a naming contest.

Starting Oct. 7 the public is invited to name all 20 newly discovered Saturnian moons.

To find all of the rules and how to submit your moon name, visit the Carnegie Institution’s web site here.

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