German Shepherd gives birth to a green-colored pup


HONOLULU (KHON2) — A family helping its dog through the birth of a litter ended up with an unexpected surprise.

A bright green, unexpected surprise!

That’s right, a green puppy. Everything was normal when the family’s German Shepherd, Gypsy, started giving birth until pup number four made its show-stealing debut.

They took the little green cuddle machine to a local vet, who says the odd coloring happens naturally sometimes especially in light colors pups.

The color will fade with time.

And what was the pup named?

“Hulk,” said Canton resident Shana Stamey. “It was lime green. He was super mad. So yeah, he became hulk.”

Hulk and his siblings will be adopted when they’re old enough. But by the time that happens, he’ll probably be back to his usual white fur.

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