HONOLULU (KHON2) — Police in Chula Vista revealed on Wednesday, May 19, that tips are coming in from across the country about possible sightings of Maya Millete reported in Arizona and New Mexico.

Investigators have also conducted three more interviews and eight more search warrants since their update on Friday, May 7.

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Officers have conducted searches in an area off Hunte Parkway in Chula Vista, which is about one mile west of the Millete home off the 125 Highway.

Police have said very little in terms of where they have searched and what they have found over the four months of this investigation. Millete was last seen on Thursday, Jan. 7, and an initial search warrant was served at her home in late January.

Police revealed they searched about a quarter-mile area behind the Millete home over the week of Monday, May 10. A private gate keeps the public out but it is accessible by foot on hiking trails.

Millete’s sister, Maricris Drouiallet, says search parties first searched the area months ago when Milette first went missing. Police said Wednesday that they have served more than six search warrants since May 5.

One search warrant at the Millete family home resulted in the removal of a number of weapons. Millete went missing from the house she shared with her husband and three small children. Her credit cards have gone unused, her cell phone was turned off and her car was left behind when she vanished.

Family and hundreds from the community have done their own independent searches for Millete and have found nothing. Her disappearance is classified by police as a missing persons case.

Investigators finally called Millete’s sister on Tuesday, May 18, to loop her in on the investigation. “No that they are doing open communications,” Drouiallet said, “it’s a relief of a heavy load off our shoulder.”