Check your flour, recall on additional King Arthur 5 lb. bags


More King Arthur Flour lot numbers are being recalled. (FDA)

King Arthur Flour, Inc. issued a voluntary recall on Friday, Nov. 1. after being notified by ADM Milling Co. that Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 5 lb. had the potential presence of E. coli 026 which was discovered through sampling.

The brand issued a wider recall on their 5 lb. and 25 lb. bags on Oct. 3. That recall, the Best Used by Dates and Lot codes can be seen here.

Friday’s recall affects the items below:

Best Used by Date 12/09/19: Lot codes L18A09A & L18A09C

Best Used by Date 01/08/20: Lot code A19A08A

This new information only applies to “Best Used By” dates already disclosed in the prior release. No additional Best Used By dates are introduced as a result of these three updated lot codes.

King Arthur Flour has not received any confirmed reports of illnesses to date related to this product.

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