Caught on video: ‘Yes, I got slapped in the face with an octopus by the seal!’


A kayaker in New Zealand got an unexpected slap in the face with an octopus, and it was all caught on camera.

A group of content creators for  GoPro were testing the company’s new Hero7 camera off the coast of Kaikoura.

Taiyo Masuda had his camera on Kyle Mulinder as he got caught in the middle of a fight between an octopus and a male seal. 

“I’ve never had such an amazing kayak everrrrr!!” Masuda wrote in an Instagram post.

“Before we knew it the fight came to us and well the rest is slap to the face.” Mulinder joked.

In the end, the octopus won.

Mulinder says the the octopus held onto the bottom of his kayak until their guide removed it with his paddle after the seal left. The octopus then swam off.

“I’m not sure who got more of a surprise the seal, the octopus or me,” Mulinder wrote.

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