Cat goes viral after placed in ‘solitary confinement’ for freeing fellow shelter cats


TEXAS (KHON2) — Quilty the cat, welcome to the resistance.

A 6-year-old rescue cat at a Texas shelter has gained internet fame over his mutinous attempts to free himself and his friends.

A worker at the “Friends for Life Animal Rescue” said that shortly after Quilty arrived at the shelter, the door to the cat room kept mysteriously opening.

After reviewing security footage, workers found the culprit — Quilty.

He would jump up and pull the handle down on the door, setting everyone free. Quilty was temporarily placed in solitary confinement while workers “Quilty-proofed” the premises.

These images of Quilty serving time for his crimes have gone viral.

But Quilty’s time at the shelter is soon coming to an end. He’s been matched with a potential adoptive family.

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