Thousands of dollars in tools and other equipment taken from a project working to improve Nanakuli High School.

Contractors working on the air conditioning project at the campus say the theft will set the project back a few days at least.

Donald Clark, the project superintendent, tells KHON2 the thieves tried to hotwire a grader but did not know how to operate the equipment. A grader is a construction machine with a long blade used to create a flat surface.

The thieves then tore into an office and storage container before running off with custom made drills and other tools including a generator.

Clark says it’s the second theft in three weeks at the site.

“They did more than just impact us or our company, they impacted a couple more generations down the way and that’s the part that I’m having a hard time with and the people here are trying,” Clark said. “The impact is further than just our company… it’s sad… shame on these people.”

Clark says he’ll probably have to hire security guards which will drive up the cost of the project.