Mother shocked to find stranger on live security feed taking Christmas decorations from family home


Now is when you’ll see Christmas decorations in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately for one Salt Lake family, just as quickly as they were put up, they were gone.

The family says the inflatable decorations were taken Tuesday afternoon while they were at work.

They witnessed the whole thing though a live security camera feed.

The family says the theft will be hardest on their son.

While Aubrey was at work taking her lunch break, she received a notification on her phone. It was her security camera app.

Someone was in her driveway. “That’s when I saw the guy just swoop up the inflatable’s and there’s a feature on there where I could talk back and I guess he didn’t hear me but I was like, why are you taking my stuff?”

She tried to call out through the app, but to no avail.

Four inflatable decorations were taken, along with a LED light including the family’s newest addition, an inflatable Olaf from the movie frozen, her son’s favorite. “I know they’re material things. I know it’s just Christmas decorations, but we just got the Olaf. It was our newest item, and my son was so into it. He always liked when we would come home at night, and the lights are all on. Every inflatable is blown up, he sees Olaf and gets excited.”

All that’s left are empty plugs in the homes front yard, but Aubrey says decorations weren’t the only thing her family lost. “I feel like my privacy is violated. My family’s privacy violated. They came not necessarily in our house but they came to our house and took things from us. We worked to get that stuff. We worked for a house and just for them to do that, it’s not fair. You see stuff like this. Like I see it on Facebook. I see it on the news that stuff gets stolen all the time but you never think it would happen you.”

Aubrey filed a police report and says people online are helping to try and identify the car in the video.

She says she’s also going to make sure her neighbors know what happened.

As of right now the family doesn’t have any plans to purchase more decorations.

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