It’s illegal to sit or lie on sidewalks in a number of areas across Oahu.

Honolulu’s mayor is looking to expand the ban to more areas on the island.

The sit-lie ban was signed into law 2014. At first, it was only for Waikiki. Over the years, the law expanded to cover more ground.

It’s now illegal to sit or lie on sidewalks in Waikiki, Chinatown, Downtown, Ala Moana, and Kahala.

A new bill introduced by the city council Thursday would expand the law to Kalihi and Iwilei. Those two areas have a large homeless population, but the mayor’s spokesman says the bill is not related to that.

The city says the purpose is to keep sidewalks safe and open for everyone

Mayor Caldwell supports the expansion of the sit-lie law to include Kalihi and Iwilei.

The city’s attorneys will need to review the bill, and if it meets legal requirements, the mayor could sign it into law.